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Resurgence 5 (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
With clenched fists, you drew your hands down to your sides and quickly stepped over the wooden debris in the entry way, making your way outside in front of the space where the door once stood. You had made it just in time to see the drunk man land in a heap at the bottom of the hill, and your door landing with a splintered crash a few feet away from his body. You could barely hear the man groan in pain over your own groan of frustration as you zeroed in on the broken door from your place on top of the hill.
The shorter male companion staggered past you, taking extra care to create distance between you and him with trepidation before stumbling down the hill to his friend.
You heard stuttering behind you, but didn’t bother to turn around. Your focus was only on the door, your vision tunneling in on the splintered wood.
“_____?! W-what happened? Balto just went flying - but that can’t be - .” A gasp, and you
:iconishimahara:Ishimahara 22 11
Resurgence 4 (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
“What is ______-san like, Captain?”
Law stared down at the small Den Den Mushi, somewhat taken aback by the sudden question. “What?”
“What is she like? We’ve only talked to her a few times, so we don’t know much about her.”
“Is she pretty?”
“She sounds cute!”
“______-san is a woman, right?”

“Why does it matter what she’s like?”
“We want to know who the woman who saved you is like, Captain! She didn’t seem too surprised when she found out you were a pirate captain, and she’s been helping you ever since you woke up with no problem.”
“Bepo’s right, Captain. It’s unusual for a woman to have absolutely no qualms against helping a pirate, and I would’ve imagined her to dump you back where she found you after discovering who you exactly were.”

They had a point.
Even when he first woke up, the first thing ______ s
:iconishimahara:Ishimahara 43 21
Resurgence 3 (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
----Warning: mention of blood and very little gore ahead-----
You stabbed at a floating potato in annoyance.
The smell of your delicious stew filled your nostrils as you stared at the pot on the stove with a wooden ladle in hand. This was the fourth time in the past few days that you found yourself standing in the same spot, unsure of what you were doing.  The first time was when you first pulled Law into your home, making tea to calm your nerves before…the incident.
You gently touched the bandages on your neck, now hidden by a turtleneck sweater.
The second and third time were also spent making tea, but mainly questioning whether or not it was really a good idea to be caring for an injured pirate captain.
In your house.
On your – now clean – bed.
Now, as you stood at the stove, the question was what you were to do about your nosey customers. It wasn’t as if they’d start throwing pitchforks and torches if they found out you were harboring a cri
:iconishimahara:Ishimahara 32 12
Stuffed With Fluff (Law x Reader) AU Oneshot
“A bear.”
“A polar bear!”
“It’s just a stuffed animal, ______-ya.”
“But it’s so cute! I can still see the price tag hanging off the foot - do you think he got it here?” You whipped your head back to Law’s un-interested face, excitement covering your own. A bright grin started forming on your face as you bounced from one foot to the other. “Should I go ask him?”
Law gave you a stern look, grey eyes staring you down in disbelief as he adjusted his mushroom-shaped hat. “Don’t even think about it. They’re here to see the animals, not a weird woman obsessing over a -”
“I’m gonna go ask him!”
“Wait, didn’t you hear - _____ -YA!”
Avoiding his attempt to grab at your arm, you detached yourself from Law’s side and danced with glee to the focus of your attention. Maneuvering around groups of people chattering about the aquatic animals surrounding
:iconishimahara:Ishimahara 119 19
Resurgence 2 (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
“You should bathe.”
Law gave the young woman a deadpan expression, mouth slightly agape as he processed her blunt words. His own words were caught in his throat as the gears in his head struggled to kickstart after waking up, clouded in fatigue in an unfamiliar environment.
The young woman tilted her head to the right, then blinked her (e/c) eyes with a hint of sheepishness as realization seemed to slap her in the face.
“Ah, I’m sorry. That’s probably something you wouldn’t want to hear waking up.” The woman muttered. There was a pregnant pause. “How are you feeling?”
“I-.” Law closed his chapped lips and cleared his throat, his words coming out as a scratchy croak. He released his grip on the woman’s wrist and she straightened up before taking a step back from the bedside. His hand fell heavily against the sheets, the handcuff chains clinking against each other noisily.  “Where am I?”
:iconishimahara:Ishimahara 37 4
Resurgence 1 (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
*Mentions of blood ahead.
Stumbling back, your hood flew off as a sudden strong gust of rain and wind blew past you. Body straightening up, your hands flew up to struggle against the wind to bring your hood back down.
Your hands fisted by the sides of your head, bunching the fabric of the hood of your coat between your fingers. Tugging the fabric closer, you glanced up at the night sky, lips pursing as you noticed the rain beginning to lighten. Heaving a sigh, your gaze focused back down in front and you picked up your pace, boots dredging through wet sand as you did your best not to slip.
The ocean waves dragged across the shoreline to your right, inching closer to you as if they were reaching desperately for your feet. Frowning, you shuffled further away from the waves and wrapped your coat tighter around your body as you followed the now faint stream of moonlight across the shore; the only light source available at three in the morning.
The storm had woken yo
:iconishimahara:Ishimahara 53 6


Mature content
House Trained 28 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 63 84
Mature content
If the Van's a Rockin'... (Gladiolus x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 63 31
Mature content
Unstoppable 3 (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 79 97
Kid x Reader: Bombs, bombs everywhere pt.9
The stones crunched underneath your feet as you walked over a gravel in a random direction, hoping to find something you would recognize. A sad sigh left your lips when you walked towards the amusement park after recognizing a point on the island. The things around you made the feeling of anger and sadness worse, seeing the other people smiling brightly and other eyes watching every movement from everyone around. Their preying eyes searching for things to take, humans to grab and sell them off. A shiver ran down your spine thinking back at it and your eyes travelled up to a Ferris wheel. It was the same as back then, everything was the identical as you remembered and you could easily make your way through the mass of people. Children were crying for their mother and some men were yelling for someone they had lost in the crowd. Some were happy, some were frustrated and others were lonely. The lynx that had been accompanying you the whole time mewled up at you, feeling your slight distre
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 44 39
Between worlds [Law x reader pt 25]
"I'm sleeping in bepo's room." (Y/n) glared at Law, who glared back at her with an equal force.
"No, you're sleeping in my room from now on." Law repliedsternly, crossing his arms over his chest. The rest of the crew stayed back, cowering behind their chairs.
"Who the hell said that, trafalgar?" (Y/n) growled, clanking foreheads with her stubborn captain. He sent her a darker glare, trying to win the argument with intimidation. However, it only fueled (Y/n)'s anger further.
"I'm the captain, so what I say goes."
"You're just jealous, stop being a smart ass!" She retorted, crossing her arms beneath her breasts and turning away. She was not ready to forgive Law for not telling her the crew had been outside the door the whole time.
"If it was just Bepo, it'd be fine. But since Bepo shares a room with the other 3 idiots my answer is no." Law replied coolly, throwing Nodachi over his shoulder and sending her a cocky glance.
(Y/n) scoffed, placing a hand on her hip and glaring at him. "Fuck
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 28 29
Kid x Reader: Bombs, bombs everywhere pt.5
Your eyes were locked with the golden yellow ones of the furriest animal you’ve seen. “Killer, can we..” “No.” “But Killer~.” You started whining. “Kid wouldn’t allow it either.” He said, never looking back at you as he started to walk away. “But Kid is mean.” You huffed and started stroking the fur of the animal. “Kid is the captain and he would probably say no, so drop it, (y/n).” You sighed and looked down at the little cup. “But he’s a beast also and I have to take care of him too.” You muttered, not noticing Kid’s shadow looming over your form. “Who’s a beast?” His voice growled behind you, making you jump in surprise. “No one, captain.” You said, getting to your feet, hiding the animal behind your back. “What do you have behind your back, (y/n)?” Your captain asked devilishly. “N-nothing, sir, captain, sir.” Now Kid got
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 39 22
Don't Chapter 10 (Law x Reader, END+EPILOGUE)
[A/N: Hehe
this gonna be long
    “I’ll cover you,” you whispered to Antonio, who nodded and took off, beginning to lumber as he transformed into a three-hundred-pound, vicious grizzly bear, now invisible thanks to you.
    “Can’t hide from me, you little rat!”
    You blinked and looked over your shoulder, seeing a man five feet away with his sword brandished over his head for a downwards slash. A clean cut through his torso told you that Law had your back just as you had 
    “Behind a rock? That’s the best cover you could find?” he hissed sarcastically and you waved your hand.
    “Oh, go away or you'll make it worse!"
    “Fine, fine, Miss Invisible ,” he replied before the sound of footsteps lead off. You turned back to Antonio, causing him to flicker in an out of sight to discombobulate the attackers,
:iconafictionaddiction:AFictionAddiction 13 3
Trafalgar Law x Reader - A Dish Best Served...
    A nasty cough racks through you as you lounge uncomfortably in the submarine’s 'living room'. Currently, you were thrown across the couch with a tank top and a pair of shorts on in an attempt to free yourself of the sweltering heat that seemed to only affect you. “So hot….” You groan.
    “___-chan… are you alright? You look kind of pale--” Shachi starts, worriedly.
    “NOPE I’M TOTALLY FINE. SWELL. FANTASTIC. PERFECT. ABSOLUTELY PEACHY.” You suddenly interrupt him, falling off of the couch in an attempt to scurry across the room and silence your crewmate.
    “Are you sure?” Penguin asks, obviously not receiving the hint, “You really don’t look so--”
    You fling yourself onto him and cover his mouth desperately, “Please. Shut up.” You pull yourself away from him as you straighten your
:iconwolfwarrior01:WolfWarrior01 164 37
Warmth (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
-Some fluff and stuff-
“Where’s ______?” Law questioned his crew members that were casually playing cards.
“Still sleeping I think” Bepo replied, “Do you need me to wake her up?”
“Do you think she sleeps in her underwear?” Penguin said towards Shachi, eyebrows wiggling. Both of their noses started bleeding dramatically with the thought of you sprawled half naked on a bed.
“CAPTAIN, WE CAN DO IT~” Both Shachi and Penguin raised their hands, sparkles twinkling's around their hat-hidden eyes.
“Of course not, you idiots!" Law scolded, disturbed by what his crew members were probably thinking. It took him a pinch of his nose bridge and a long hard sigh to finally reply. “I’ll do it.”
“______-ya” Law’s airy voice entered your ears. “______-ya.” He repeated, a bit more forcefully. “______!” Your warm blanket was cruelly ripped from your fully clothed body. The mu
:iconkumoria:Kumoria 274 9
Mature content
Unstoppable 2 (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 73 78
Law x Reader: So long... (AU)
Law groaned as he forced himself awake at the annoying beeping coming from his phone. He buried his head deep into the pillow, but the constant rhythm didn't stop, rather increased its volume. After twenty seconds, the alarm went off, and he sighed, trying to get back to sleep. It was Tuesday, and he had work to do at the hospital, but he knew that five minutes couldn't hurt. Five minutes...
Beep, beep, beep, beep... beep, beep, beep, beep...
Growling, he snatched his head away from the white pillow and glared at his phone before tapping the screen in order to shut the alarm up. He sat up and rubbed his sleepy eyes, letting out a deep breath. Looking once again at his phone he felt his heart clench when he saw the date.
October 6th
Sighing, he got up and started getting dressed for work. All the while, he tried to keep his thoughts apart, but his sleepy mind would not obey him. Another year in this hell of life. How old is he turning again? Ah, yeah, 26. It has been 13 years already...
:iconpiratehero3:PirateHero3 174 62
Portrait: Yuuike :iconyuuike:yuuike 2,108 251
Under Anesthesia - Law x Reader (2/2)
The next morning you woke up to the feeling of a ticklish sensation on your belly.
You opened your eyes and blinked a couple of times before lowering your gaze to the source. Your eyes bumped into your boyfriend's raven, messy hair as he placed butterfly kisses on your skin. "What are you doing?" You questioned as a blush appeared on your cheeks.
Law smiled inwardly. Two years together and you still got embarrassed when he reached certain levels of intimacy with you. Such a shy girl... "Good morning, love." He said, ignoring your question as he considered the answer was more than obvious. "How do you feel?"
"I'm fine, thanks." You mumbled as he slid the hem of your shirt down, covering your belly.
He moved to chastely kiss your lips. "I just changed your bandage and the stitches look fine." You blinked in puzzlement, silently questioning how was it possible that he had done that without waking you. "You were sleeping quite deeply." He smirked. "Does the cut hurt?"
You paused a moment t
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 110 83
Special World [Law X Reader (Fluff)]
Vibrant hues of red, green, and yellow globed over the sea of water droplets as they slid down your shoulders, across your arms, and into the air before gliding to the ground. Your upper limbs were extended in a helicopter formation; your lower limbs were engaged in either a tip-toe rotation or pulled up a 90 degree angle. Water glistened on your upturned face. The only thing that could possibly outshine the glorious scene was the glowing smile that was penned across your mouth. 
The heavy sigh of your Captain was audible over the soft tapping of rain that enveloped the otherwise empty street.
"What the hell are you doing, _______-ya?" Law demanded, his voice a mixture of exasperation and confusion. You didn't answer for a moment, completing your one-foot spin and sending water droplets shooting in an arc from your outstretched arms, before facing him. A massive smile played on your lips as you tilted your head.
"Messing around, reliving childhood, all the stuff you're supposed to
:iconunderseagalaxies:underseagalaxies 288 88
Humour me [AU] Kid x Reader (Pt.3)
Kidd growled as he looked at the sleeping dragon.
" Just how much does this stupid beast sleep?" he asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest.
" A few days a month. The rest of the time it will be awake."
Kidd jumped as he heard the voice right behind him, and turned around, a small dagger in his hand, ready to stab the man.
Law rolled his eyes and raised a hand, building a transparent golden wall between them, that was smeared with ugly black stripes. The dagger met the wall and the blade broke with the impact, making Kidd stagger back and curse loudly.
" What the fuck did you just do?" he watched Law wearily as the almost invisible wall disappeared again. Law snorted.
" I used my aura to deflect your tiny dagger. I'm a magician, and the dragon you want to kill is a good friend of mine."
Kidd raised an eyebrow. " This beast? They can be friends with humans?"
Law shook his head. " Don't be stupid. Magicians are descendents of Dragons, we don't count as human." he said, going over
:iconakazuizuya:AkazuIzuya 40 24
Mature content
Law X Reader (One Piece LEMON) 2/2 :icontwistedlittlesoul:twistedlittlesoul 447 293




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Slowly moving back into the groove of writing again after a long-term hiatus.


Resurgence 5 is out! It's currently 12 something in the morning, so I'm going to sleep this flu off and look for any edits in the new chapter a little later. 

Also: Stuffed with Fluff has over 100 faves! This is a huge milestone for me ever since I decided to come back to writing. I don't know how to express my YOU!! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! bad for the long gap in updating Resurgence. I've the last chunk of it to go, but writer's block is slapping me in the face, as well as work. I'm keeping at it! Just...slowly. Pearl Emote 7 

I'll get there. 
Update: 60% of Resurgence 5 is done! Hoping to get this out within the next week or so. Work it 
Hey all! I have a long weekend ahead of me so here's to hoping I could get some writing done! Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
Hey all, so right now I'm prepping for my final year of Uni + internships so chapters may come out a little slower than usual. But! I'm still planning on plotting/writing/editing when I can. I have no intention of stopping! CURSE YOU! Hope you all can understand, and I will do my best to get the next update out soon! 

I'd also like to mention that all your comments + new watchers gives me a HUGE motivation boost for the Resurgence series, as well as my Oneshot I put out a while ago. Thank you! 


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